::BREAKING NEWS:: On 17th March 2011, will be Fairwell. :: BREAKING NEWS::


:: Timing of Al-Aqeeq International School and College in now 0740am to 1250pm. :: On 17 March 2011 Al-Aqeeq International School And Collage celeberate Fairwell. :: ::
For further detail contact Mr. Tahir Hasan. (Boys Section)
For further detail contact Mrs. Kusar Asim. (Girls Section)

We are spreading knowledge in the holy city MEDINA. Our mission is to make future bright of our student as well as our nation. Our school is from K.G 1 til 10th grade, and our college is from 1st year till 2nd year. We are registered under the registration of Ministry Of Education, KSA. Our School & College is affiliated to FEDERAL BOARD OF PAKISTAN. Our teaching staff is highly qualified for every class and for their subjects, all are hired from Pakistan. We are based on 4 buildings, located at Al-Azhari Dist, Madina, KSA.


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For Students...

Exam's Special:

Exams are there, at the paper u stare, the answer is nowhere, which makes u pull ur hair. 

The teachers make u glare, the grades r not fair, but just like the past 20 years,



Zor ka jhatka PADHAI MIXED...

Zor ka jhatka, haye zoron se lga
haan lga,

padhai ban gyi, umar bhr ki
bla,haan bla

sbse pehle padhai thi, yaaron
jahan mein jisne ki...
usko dhondo,pakdo, pito
galti usne ki,
vo tha Kasai, banakar padhai,
usne to sabki, zindagi ghatayi,

BOOKS mile na , feko aisi jagh,
haan jagah...

zor ka jhatka ,haye zoron se lga,
haan lga


Education Related songs: 

*School* Ye Dunya Ye Mehfil Mere kam Ki Nae...

*Tution* Idher Chala Main Udher Chala Jane Kahan Main Kidher Chala...

*Science* A Khushi Se Khudkhusi Kar Le...

*Exam* Zehrili ratain Neendain Urr jati Hain...

*Result* Dhak Dhak Karne Laga Mora Jya Ye Darne laga...

*Pass* Aj Main Upper Asmain Neeche Aj Main Age Zamana Hai Peche...

*Fail* Chan Se Jo Tote Koi Sapna Jag sona Sona Lage...


The Table Of '9', An Amazing Fact..

9x1=09,    0+9=9 

9x2=18,    1+8=9 

9x3=27,    2+7=9 

9x4=36,    3+6=9 

9x5=45,    4+5=9 

9x6=54,    5+4=9 

9x7=63,    6+3=9 

9x8=72,    7+2=9 

9x9=81,    8+1=9 

9x10=90,   9+0=9



Dad: Beta is bar exams main tumhe 90% marks lene hain kuch bhi kar k.

Beta: Nahi dad, is bar to main 100% marks longa 

Dad: Beta kyon mazaq kar rahe ho?

Beta: shuru kis ne kiya?


Aaj b cheating zinda hai
Kal b cheating zinda thi...
Tum kitne pharray(bootiyan) pakro gay
Her jaib se pharra nikle ga
Ye baazi haq ki baazi hai
Ye baazi tum hi haaro ge
Tum kitne pharray pharo ge 
Her jeb se pharra nikle ga

"JiYe ChEaTiNg"


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